Friday, August 26, 2011

let's get together yeah yeah yeah!

Is it weird that when i watch The Parent Trap, i pretend i'm the twins Lindsay Lohan played. yes both of them. a lot of people probably do it. lol no probably not. i wonder if it's true that if you're born left handed, you once had a twin that died. o0oo0o0oo000oo SPOOKY. oh boy. i've had too much green tea and black coffee today and too little food. LOL JUST KIDDING. i've had just the right amount of food. none. well, no that's a lie. i had two grapes and five pieces of cantelope before work. but i worked it all off running around putting books back on their shelves and working out when i got home. so it doesn't really matter. ANYWA. ugh. i hate that. my history teacher from last year used to always say anywa. "it's a word i made myself, a mix between anyway, and anywho" UH NO BITCH WHERE THE FUCK DOES THE "WAH" PART COME FROM.  bitchez be carayzeeee.
WELLLL, i'm off to go watch that 70's show and then paint some weird, morbid picture and pretend it even matters.